Renaissance Era or Early Modern Period?

The renaissance era was a period when the development in the art and culture was witnessed in Europe, and it is undoubtedly of great significance in the western world. The renaissance clothing of that era is still the part of fashion trend, as we mentioned several times in our previous posts.

But, some people like to call it Early Modern Period instead of the Renaissance Period. It may be the subject of debate among the scholars, but we can raise some objective points from both the sides.

Saying it Early Modern Era is not the wrong, as it was the time, which paved the way for the modern era. Various new researches, scientific inventions and a lot of other things could be seen during this era. Besides, if we see in the world’s perspective then also it will not be wrong to say the early modern period. Because, the name “renaissance age” was given to this period because of the artistic and culture movement going on in Europe. But, it was not the case in the other parts of Europe. There were different periods of renaissances outside Europe.

On the other hand, saying it renaissance age is a comfortable way as if we count it in the modern era, then the modern period would be 600 years long. So, the period, which is between the medieval and the modern eras, can be marked as the renaissance age. Moreover, it is very clear after reading the history that the names are given to the period in distinct locations according to their qualities. The renaissance movement in Europe was the special characteristic of Europe, which is why it can be said as the renaissance age. There is no harm is using these two names interchangeably. The renaissance movement took place in the early modern era, which is why saying it the renaissance age will not be wrong.

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