About Us

Renaissance-Outfits.com was designed & started with the sole objective of providing quality Renaissance & Medieval Outfits to re-enactors or LARP groups. However, with the popularity of Ren Fairs & Pirate Festivals, we see most of our customers as first time RenFaire visitor or someone going to a theme party. They are usually confused about their needs & the quality to expect from online stores. That’s where we come in…

Renaissance-Outfits stands as a symbol of Premium Quality & Authentic Renaissance Designs, on & off the net. We carry huge inventories for the bestselling items & update our website daily to make sure the customers get the best deals & prices from us. We manufacture most of the clothing items in our manufacturing unit whereas other items are collected from England, Germany, India, and practically all over the world.

For a limited time, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on items & all orders. This makes us the most affordable Renaissance Outlet & presents us an obvious choice for your next Renaissance or Medieval purchase.